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Discussione: Cold Fusion Colloquium

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    Predefinito Cold Fusion Colloquium

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Cold Fusion Colloquium

    The 2009 Advanced Colloquium on
    Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions (LANR) (=CF,LENR) (**)
    will be held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    (Cambridge, MA) on Saturday, June 20, 2009.

    The Science and Technology of Lattice-assisted
    Nuclear Reactions (LANR) involving Deuterated Metals,
    Engineering and Devices.
    Specifically, attempts will be made to cover the following:
    Continuum Electromechanics Impact on Loading and Codeposition,
    Electrode radiation and emission, Excess Heat Measurements,
    Phonon Theory, Quantum Electrodynamic Theory,
    Metamaterial Issues, Optimal Operating Point Operation,
    Tardive Thermal Power, LANR transmutation,
    LANR experimental issues and problems,
    Energy production and energy conversion,
    Update on patents and IP issues.

    Tentative Speakers:
    Mitchell Swartz
    Peter Hagelstein
    Larry Forsley
    Pam Boss
    Tom Claytor
    Scott Chubb
    John Thompson
    Brian Ahern


    (**) This Colloquium is part of the continuing Lattice-Assisted
    Nuclear Reactions (Cold Fusion) Colloquia series, which have been
    conducted to increase scientific education in this field since 1991.

    Space is limited, and advanced registration is required.

    MIT Cold Fusion Colloquium - LiveLeak - Truveo Video Search
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