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07-11-2005, 20:48
Gironzolando per la rete mi sono imbattuto in questo articolo:<br><br><div align='center'><div class='QUOTE_top' align='left'><b>CITAZIONE</b> </div><div id='QUOTE' align='left'>Purports to be a far more feasible and profoundly less expensive approach to hot fusion, in contrast to what the international project (ITER) in France is pursuing. Lawrenceville Plasma Physics is currently researching and developing the Plasma Focus Device for hydrogen-boron nuclear fusion</div></div><br><br><div align='center'><div class='QUOTE_top' align='left'><b>CITAZIONE</b> </div><div id='QUOTE' align='left'>WEST ORANGE, NEW JERSEY, USA -- Imagine a non-polluting power plant, the size of a local gas station, that would quietly and safely power 4,000 homes, for a few tenths of a penny per kilowatt-hour, compared to 4-6 cents/kw-h of coal or natural-gas-powered plants. One technician could operate two dozen of these stations remotely. The fuel, widely available, is barely spent in the clean fusion method, and would only need to be changed annually.</div></div><br><br><div align='center'><div class='QUOTE_top' align='left'><b>CITAZIONE</b> </div><div id='QUOTE' align='left'>The proposed focus-fusion reactor involves two components: the hydrogen-boron fuel, and a plasma focus device. The combination of these into the focus-fusion process is the invention of Eric Lerner</div></div><br><br><a href='http://www.opensourceenergy.org/txtlstvw.aspx?LstID=95defd1e-f25c-4a33-8002-a69aca481e6a' target='_blank'>http://www.opensourceenergy.org/txtlstvw.aspx?</a><br><br>Cosa ne pensate ?<br><br>