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Diodi di Bypass su Sunpower E20 327

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  • Diodi di Bypass su Sunpower E20 327

    mi servirebbe una informazione, sul sito ho letto che ne ha 3 ma questi 3 si trovano sul lato lungo o sul lato corto ?
    il problema è che sul lato corto ho 8 colonne mentre sul lungo 12

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    ho trovato questo ma non riesco a capire

    The reverse breakdown in all SunPower solar cells is builtinto the cell process and is generally uniform throughout thecell. This reverse breakdown is a significant advantagecompared to conventional front-contact designs whichbreakdown at large voltage. In a conventional module, bypassdiodes are required to limit the voltage appearing across theshaded cell. Only one shaded cell is required to turn thisbypass diode on. This limits power production since the stringno longer contributes module power output. Small amounts ofshading therefore have a large power impact on a conventionalmodule.For SunPower Maxeon solar cells, shaded conditions do notautomatically turn the bypass diodes on and module power is impacted much less than with a conventional front contactsolar cell.Most shading conditions rarely remove 100% of thedevice’s photocurrent.


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