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    Ricevo dalla FAO un invito a partecipare alla realizzazione di un vocabolario agricolo universale:

    Dear AGROVOC Downloaders,
    Please find attached an announcement of the E-Conference. We invite you to
    join the list and give your valuable feedback and suggestions. We also look
    forward to learning from you how you have been using AGROVOC, in which
    formats and how we can further improve the contents and our services.
    Thank you,

    ** Background **
    The AGROVOC Thesaurus was developed by the Food and Agriculture Organization
    of the United Nations (FAO) and the Commission of the European Communities
    (CEC), in the early 1980s. AGROVOC is the foundation that underpins the
    development of the Concept Server (CS) project. Using the knowledge contained
    in vocabulary systems and thesauri such as AGROVOC, the CS will be able to
    develop specialized domain-specific terminologies and concepts that will
    better support information management in the Web environment. A key objective
    is to add more semantics to the thesaurus, for example, by expanding and
    better specifying the relationships between concepts.

    In light of new developments and the need to understand the user
    requirements, FAO is organizing an AGROVOC E-Conference. The outcomes of the
    conference will be discussed in the Eighth Agricultural Ontology Service
    Workshop to be held in September of this year.

    The aim of this conference is to bring AGROVOC users together to share what
    they would like to see improved in AGROVOC and the direction it should take.
    The E-Conference will allow people from all the different corners of the
    world, who otherwise might not be able to travel to regular meetings on
    AGROVOC, to voice their ideas and thoughts for the betterment of AGROVOC. The
    ultimate goal of the conference is to assess the direction the work on
    development of AGROVOC as a thesaurus and a concept server should take.

    ** Agenda **
    Following agenda will be used to facilitate the discussions during the

    * Phase 1 -- 2-4 May 2007: Introductions, stage setting
    * Phase 2 -- 7-18 May 2007: AGROVOC Services and functionalities
    * Phase 3 -- 21 May - 1 June 2007: AGROVOC content and multilinguality
    * Phase 4 -- 4 - 15 June 2007: Community building
    * Phase 5 -- 18 - 29 June 2007: AOS workbench

    Contributions on each phase close on the last day of the phase. Each session
    will be followed by a short report documenting the major ideas and
    contributions from the email exchange. A final report will be issued after
    the conference.

    ** How to participate? **
    The E-Conference is open to all interested members of the community. A
    time-based mailing list has been set-up. You can join the list by entering
    your email address in: Dgroups

    Molto urgente: cerco socio: Collaborazione a Milano
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