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    Un'azienda toscana all'avanguardia nel mondo per nanotecnologia delle fuell cell ACTA, (si può ordinare il kit demo)

    "Acta, the fuel cell technology enabler, today announces that it has signed its first commercial sales and distribution contract with Summit Medichem Ltd, Sumitomo Corporation’s Chemicals Business Unit and subsidiary. The contract covers Japan,South Korea and Taiwan. Acta’s breakthrough in nanotechnology catalysts will enable the competitive launch of fuel cells to the mass consumer market."

    "Acta proprietary nanotechnology has enabled it to develop a new, unique family ofcatalysts called HYPERMEC™ catalysts which breakdown the barriers to the commercialisation of the fuel cells for mass market applications. HYPERMEC™ catalysts use low cost materials, work at low temperatures, enable use of cheap, safe and environmentally friendly fuels and solve other technical issues, thereby creating the possibility of producing fuel cells for consumer products.
    Acta’s HYPERMEC™ catalysts are platinum free and perform as well as or better than platinum catalysts depending on which fuel they are working with. In addition, while HYPERMEC™ catalysts can function on methanol and hydrogen, the two most common fuels currently used by the fuel cell industry at present, fuel cells using Acta’s catalysts can also run directly on ethanol, a safe, practical and widely distributed fuel at room temperature, which platinum catalysed fuel cells cannot." smile.gif


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