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    Title: PIP-SOFC
    Year: 2003-2006
    Sponsor: European Union (FP-V)
    Coordinator: Rolls Royce – UK
    Description: Pressurized IP-SOFC

    The project aims to develop a pressurized 10 kWe fuel cell (FC) block with integral internal reforming and operate it with a hydrocarbon fuel representative of operation on natural gas.

    Challenges – Problems Addressed:
    Challenges related to pressurization are: achieving electrochemical performance, maintaining durability, sealing and controlling temperature, air flow and heat balance within the system.
    Challenges related to the internal reforming system are: controlling the heat load, avoiding carbon deposition, achieving durability and integrating heat management within the stack.
    Interactions with other projects will take place to ensure an overall coordinated approach.

    Project structure:
    The project has six work packages: Active bundle enhancement, Reforming bundle, Flow and re-circulation, Strip and short block design, Project interaction and Test and validation.

    Expected Impact and Exploitation:
    This project will develop and demonstrate the core fuel cell stack technology required for FC hybrid systems to be developed by Rolls-Royce Fuel Cell Systems Ltd. This will form the basis of a highly competitive EU industry with a significant impact on reducing CO2 emissions and meeting Kyoto objectives.


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