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EnergyTech Exhibition & Conference - 27-28, October, 2010 - Tel Aviv - Israel

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  • EnergyTech Exhibition & Conference - 27-28, October, 2010 - Tel Aviv - Israel

    This international tradeshow will be premiered on October 27-28, 2010, and is prepared to far surpass participants’ and visitors’ expectations. Visit for more information

    More than one hundred and fifty solar, wind and energy efficiency-related companies from more than 17 countries are expected to display their newest developments, products and services.

    About 15000 professional visitors from more than 50 states, including industry experts, technology distributors, researchers and technology developers, officials and investors will attend the event. Nearly 80 key speakers will fill the conference sessions – featuring many of the top-ranked specialists in the solar and other energy fields.

    The geographical location of the exhibition – in the heart of three continents - Europe, Asia, and Africa - makes it a real international magnet for companies to expose their products and services to international customers and traders, and for buyers to create new commercial contacts in the rapidly developing markets.

    In the coming years, EnergyTech will play an increasingly vital role in empowering Israel’s way to energy independence as well as international development of solar, renewables and energy efficiency industry. The increased size and stature of this tradeshow will allow its audience access to the most important players in the international market to grow their businesses and meet market demands and changes.

    In the last five years a new and exciting young and innovative industry has matured – the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. New energy markets with Photovoltaics and Wind drive the most strongest economies forward.

    Now it is called the best investment. This is due to great advances in two parallel fields – the legislative field and the market level. The industry has introduced new innovative products that have very efficient qualifications and continues to do so, and legislation is combining them with various incentives.

    Join the industry and the market leaders at EnergyTech and learn all about RE and EE in Israel, Middle East, Africa, South Eastern Europe - the new potential markets to invest in.

    We are looking forward to welcoming you at EnergyTech in Tel-Aviv.

    Vladimir Budyansky

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    PV Power Plants Israel

    PV Power Plants

    International Symposium

    EnergyTech 2010 Exhibition&Conference
    Tel-Aviv, Israel


    In the last five years a new and exciting young and innovative industry has matured– the Photovoltaic energy market. Now it is called the best investment. This is due to great advances in two parallel fields – the legislative field and the market level. The industry has introduced new innovative products that very efficient qualifications and continues to do so, and legislation is combining them with various incentives.

    On 7.01.2010 Israel advanced the introduction of new incentives in a continuation to the 2020 policy and has advanced to stage two – feed in tariffs for PV power plants of up to 5Mwp capacity.

    The medium size and large scale systems present for the Israeli market and system integrators entirely new challenges for grid integration as well as they demand sharp reductions in installation time and costs, international standards for Overall Quality Management and Intelligent Network-Integration. For investors, the complex matrix of criteria for positive project evaluation has to become comprehensive as much as possible and transparent par excellence. There is much need to study successful cases and lessons from abroad that were learnt during implementation.

    PV Power Plants is Israel’s first symposium to focus exclusively on “Medium Size and Large Scale PV Power Plants”, the market segment for systems that requires very high capital investment.

    The topics of the symposium will analyze in depth technological, technical, financial, environmental, and regulatory tools needed to successfully embarking on such beneficial endeavors.

    The conference will be a great business networking platform for establishment of new contacts and will especially aim for a dialog on the technology and the ways of ensuring confidence on the large investments demands and implementation accuracy. The knowhow of European industry experts, in particular from Germany, will ensure presentation and discussions of highest standards.

    PVPP will be a crucial event for all investors, planners and component suppliers of PV Power Plants. We are looking forward to welcoming you at the PV Power Plants International Symposium in Tel-Aviv.

    Call for Papers

    We invite you to submit abstracts and topics of your studies and share information with us and the business community that will attend the conference.

    We are looking forward to welcoming you at EnergyTech in Tel-Aviv.

    Vladimir Budyansky


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      Israeli Technologies at Intersolar

      Dear Friends,

      If you are interested in visiting or participating in EnergyTech 2010, or you would like to discover Israeli technologies visit Israeli and EnergyTech stand at Intersolar Hall C3 Stand 230

      Preview of the Israeli companies you can find here: May 2010 Newsletter by Quantum: Intersolar Europe Edition

      Best Regards,


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        Scientific Poster Section at EnergyTech

        Call for Posters

        Quantum Business Group and Israel Sustainable Energy Society (ISES) joined together in organizing a scientific poster section at the EnergyTech 2010 Exhibition & Conference, 27-28 October.

        We invite and encourage participants to submit a poster to the EnergyTech 2010 Exhibition & Conference, which aims at presenting the latest works in sustainable energy technologies for both academic and industry professionals.

        Areas of interest include the following:

        - Solar Energy (ST, PV, CST, BIPV, BAPV, CPV, Cogeneration, etc)
        - Wind Energy
        - Biomass
        - Biofuels
        - Geothermal
        - Hydroelectric
        - Wave Energy
        - Energy Efficiency

        Accepted posters will be displayed during the conference at the poster session and participants may give a short presentation about their poster. Accepted abstracts of the posters will be published on the ISES (Israel) website as well as on the official website of the EnergyTech Exhibition & Conference.

        Those wishing to present a poster are invited to send an abstract with the title and short description of the work. The abstract should in WORD, no longer than 1 page, margins 2.5 cm, font ARIEL, line spacing 1.5, in the following format: Title (14 pt Bold, centered), Author (12 pt Bold, centered), Affiliation, phone number and e-mail address (12 pt, centered), Text (12 pt)

        Abstracts should be sent not later than 15.07.2010 to with the subject line “EnergyTech 2010 abstract [author name]”.

        Abstracts will be reviewed by the scientific committee and authors of accepted and rejected abstracts will be notified by 15.08.2010. General criteria for evaluation of the abstracts:

        - Relevance to subjects of the conference
        - Quality and clarity of the abstract
        - Originality and innovation
        - Validation of sources of information

        Final version of accepted posters must be ready for presentation at the Poster Section by 25.10.2010. Final location of the Poster Section will be determined by 31.08.2010.

        Stands for the posters will be available at the Trade Fairs & Convention Center (Ganei Ha-ta'aruha), Tel-Aviv. For guidance please approach the registration desk at Hall 10.

        Looking forward to your submissions.


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          Israeli Residential PV Market value is at least 3 Billion Euro!!

          On July 28 Israeli Public Utility Authority has released the continued regulation for residential and small commercial grid connected rooftop PV systems. As in the first quota, the regulatory framework limits maximal installation capacity per system: for the residential facilities it is allowed to install PV rooftop systems up to 15 KWp; and for the small commercial up to 50 KWp. The interesting fact is that PUA decided not to limit the quota of the residential plants.

          This regulatory decision opens a unique window of opportunity for module, inverter and other components manufacturers as well as for dozens of the Israeli system integrators. For instance, according to the Israeli Statistical Bureau, in Israel just in the period between 1995 – 2008 were built more than 200,000 private houses. Thus, relying on this data, even with the minimal installation of only 4KWp on private roofs, the gross market potential could be measured as least as 800 MWp.

          With an average cost of 4 KWp PV system (16,000€), companies' profits from sales of only the necessary equipment (modules, inverters) are reaching, by the most modest calculations, 3 billion €. This is only partial, very minimalistic counting, but if we'll try to calculate the total amounts of financial capital that should be involved (and will be involved) in Israeli solar market after the implementation of new regulation, the numbers will be much higher.

          Taking into account 10-months long Israeli summer (in some areas the sun shines all year long almost without any interference), well developed infrastructure, different financial aspects like insurance, banking, loans, etc., we can understand that in some further months there will an "Israeli solar rush hour" accompanied with huge amounts of capital.

          For an average Israeli the information above indicates the possibility of obtaining a stable income from fast-investment. Simply saying, investing about 80,000 NIS (appx. 16,000 €) in an average PV 4KW/p system (including installation and insurance), the consumer will receive annual profit of 15,000-16,000 NIS. This calculation brings us to 5 to 6 years ROI and overall income (20 years) of 300,000 – 320,000 NIS (app. 60,000 – 64,000 €)

          For the PV manufacturer or distributor, the above information means that now is the real "money time" for investing in business development, marketing and sales in this emerging market. In addition to the growth of the market, additional factor should be taken into account: all the needed equipment is imported either by local offices of foreign manufacturing companies, distributors or directly by the system integrators.

          "The Israeli market for solar energy is one of the most attractive in the world today. Being in constant growth since 2008, due to the careful attention of the state authorities and the current "green tariff", with the introduction of the current quota, Israeli market automatically becomes even more attractive for investment," - said Vladimir Budyansky, CEO of Quantum Business Group. "Now is precisely the time when companies can take the leading positions, investors get the maximum benefits, and consumers make their real estate to work for themselves."

          Vladimir was one of the first who noticed the trend of growth and high potential for development of the renewable energy industry in Israel. His company Quantum Business Group this year organizes an international business platform focusing on Israel and other emerging markets. The event, EnergyTech 2010, is for wide professional audience of manufacturers, distributors, EPCs, system integrators and installers, land and roof owners, investors and officials.

          EnergyTech will open its doors on 27-28 of October in Trade Fairs and Convention Center, Tel-Aviv. The uniqueness of EnergyTech 2010 is in its premiership of this kind of event in Israel. It is a large-scale business platform, focused only on renewable energy and energy efficiency. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of this project for the Israeli, Middle Eastern and Southern European markets. The exhibition will present more than one hundred companies from around the world and the latest achievements and technologies in the field of photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, wind power, bio-gas technology, bio-fuels and others.

          The conference, entitled "PV Power Plants", which will be held during the exhibition, will bring together experts and professionals from different countries and different specializations around the most interesting discussions. Also, special attention is devoted to the political aspects of the emerging markets. For this purpose, the organizers took care to invite several Israeli ministers, politicians and officials from various countries, representatives of the European Union.


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